David Small on the Power of Display, the “Look” of Emergencies

March 13th, 2008 by Amber Frid-Jimenez

David Small’s talk highlighted his collaboration with British Architect David Adjaye to design four large scale installations for the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo.

One Response to “David Small on the Power of Display, the “Look” of Emergencies”

  1. natsuko Says:

    David Small shares his experiences of exploration of the power of display and the importance of user interface in art and architecture. In his collaboration with architect, David Adjaye, the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo becomes more than the conventional museum. Interactive and responsive media is a key element in Small’s works for the Center. The Nobel field, a room of a field of LEDs and small displays of Nobel Peace laureates, is an extremely sensual space, yet its interactive and responsive nature invites the visitors to pro-actively engage in the educational experience. He discusses the challenges to conventional language of museum-ology (the traditional idea that visitors are not supposed to touch anything in the museum) as well as the importance of prototyping and testing. Small further shares his exploration of the significance in user interface with his projects such as the Illuminated Manuscripts (a book with digital content) and the E-Room – the importance of detail and thought that must go into designing with interactive media.