Tad Hirsch on Activist Infrastructure

March 25th, 2008 by Amber Frid-Jimenez

Tad Hirsch spoke about Dialup Radio, a tool that delivers human rights and independent media via telephone. Currently Dialup Radio is being developed for the citizens of Zimbabwe, but the system has been designed to meet the needs of human rights activists around the world. This project is one example of what Tad calls “activist infrastructure” drawing on his knowledge of technology, system design, and his experience working with human rights and non-governmental organizations. Like Mako’s voting machine for the masses, Tad’s projects show the power of artists, technologists and policy makers working together towards projects that can effect lasting social and political change.

One Response to “Tad Hirsch on Activist Infrastructure”

  1. Alex Steed Says:

    Tad is a pretty rad guy. Thanks for this piece / video. I’ll definitely forward it accordingly. At Make Something Happen (linked above), we spoke with him for a bit about his TXTmob legal issues and how that has influenced what he’s up to now. It was a pleasure to speak with him and it’s been great seeing what folks are writing about him in the blogging world.