tell me something…i want to help

April 29th, 2008 by Lauren Mackler

by Lauren Mackler

Zone of Emergency: feeling close/feeling connected/feeling lonely.

New technologies and web based forums are provoking shifts in our social dynamics. Relationships that are being made between people on the web are based on the absence of the other. In this way the relationship is anonymous almost narcissistic (as if the reflective plane of the monitor was a mirror.)

Absence, dependance and loneliness are inherent to this exchange. The zone of emergency that I choose to define in this context is therefore “feeling close/feeling connected/feeling lonely,” the way the single anonymous individual navigates the
decentralized community.

Tell Me Something… I want to help, is an online project which invites the public to write a small text about how they are feeling, a request or a cry for help. These texts are posted in a cloud of postings and can be responded to (again by the public) by uploading an image or gif. This project aims to encourage action, at a private or public level.

the site was launched twice, once by invitation to my friends and family

and once through a posting on craigslist missed connections

2 Responses to “tell me something…i want to help”

  1. amber Says:

    Thanks, Lauren. Your subtle reference to Dan Graham is nice. Good luck!

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Lauren, how is the participation going? When you showed in class, it was exciting to see it really populated. Can we help you spread the word?

    Looks great!