we are all part of the greater system - sustainability in china

April 30th, 2008 by Natsuko Kikutake

This project is an attempt to physically portray the complexity of the issues of sustainability in China — one of the largest growing socio-political entities in the world. While China has encountered rapid social and economic developments in the past few decades, these changes have come at a price. Income disparity has widened while pollution has increased to the level of human health threat. The triple bottom line of sustainability [environment, social equity, and economy] is threatened at many levels becoming a major Zone of Emergency. This project educates the visitors by physically portraying and exposing the complexity of the issue of sustainability through a visual display of network system of relevant actors. The final participatory element of the piece poses a query to the visitors regarding the issue of sustainability in China.

Natsuko Kikutake


One Response to “we are all part of the greater system - sustainability in china”

  1. amber Says:

    Your ability is understand these complex networks is great. Keep going, but remember to find a specific event with real people and companies to help us understand how this becomes concrete, otherwise we may feel lost. This could be fantastic. Good luck!